Beginnings Can Happen Anytime and Anywhere!

Beginnings Can Happen Anytime and Anywhere!

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”-Semisonic


I went to the park today, the same park where I do my best writing, which means I try to traverse it often! Today, however, it felt different. I noticed that throughout the entire summer I had never seen so many people here as I did today-I’m talking throngs. My first thought was that everyone was here to milk the last bit of summer. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, and on the contrary, I applaud all of us who took this opportunity to bask in the end of this yearned-for, but all too-short season!

Yet, as I was walking through the throngs, beads of perspiration dripping from every which way, I realized that yes, this was an end, but it was also a beginning. We were all there, at the park, tons of us, to celebrate the beginning of whatever was to come. There was something exhilarating about that thought, and I was happy I got the memo to join the party.

For most of us, what’s to come is laboring tomorrow (labors of love, of course), but more existentially speaking, tomorrow, the next season, etc., all hold the promise of literally whatever it is we dream up.


This website/blog space is a beginning that has taken many beginnings.  The one thing I’ve learned throughout graduate school, postdoc, and beyond, is that most things take many starts. The key is showing up and as excruciating as it sometimes (many times) is, starting over, and over, and over. It doesn’t stop, and that is the absolute beauty of life…

 …There is no end to the beginnings you can take.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments below about taking the next steps and making beginnings happen anytime and anywhere!


Let’s Thrive,
Dr. Jen @BrainCurves

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