From the Desk of Jennifer Wolkin, PhD:

Welcome to BrainCurves™, my blog and online mind-body-brain wellness community.

Since as far back as I can remember writing has been a tool I’ve used in order to connect both more deeply with my innermost self, and to others. Today I enjoy writing for the greater purpose of sharing my love of teaching the science of whole-body wellness.
Through my writing, I seek to connect with you so that we may support one another and learn together how to embrace all aspects of who we are. From the unique neural tracts curving through our brains, to the unique curves of our bodies – no matter what our background, shape, or size.
I’ve found, both personally and professionally, that a key element in living our best lives is finding a like-minded community in which we can support one another through healing thoughts, words, and ideas.
Please join me by commenting, sharing, and adding your voice. I welcome your questions, feedback, and invite you to truly make BrainCurves your own.
I hope you enjoy my musings about the mind-body-brain approach to living your best life. Together, let’s embrace all of our curves, be brainspired, and go from surviving to thriving!

Repost: Meet Your Second Brain: The Gut

This blog post originally appeared on Mindful.Org Most of us can relate to the experience of having butterflies in our stomach, or to a visceral gut-wrenching feeling, and how often are we told not to ignore our “gut-instinct” or “gut-feeling” when making a decision....

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Fear as Fuel: Don’t LOOSE it. USE it!

At the end of each new intake evaluation I always ask my patients to delineate one to three concrete goals for their work in therapy. Many of them don’t even have to give it any thought, and immediately and confidently say: “I want to lose this sense of my fear, and...

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‘Inside Out’ Goes All Out!

New E-motion picture teaches us to embrace all of our emotions I recently had the opportunity to see Disney Pixar’s latest animated feature, ‘Inside Out’. I didn’t need much prompting, given that it IS a movie about feelings, and well, as a psychologist, it was an...

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PTSD and Treatment

PTSD AND TREATMENT PTSD’s overall impact depends on the severity of the disorder, associated co-morbidity (i.e., substance abuse, mTBI, chronic pain), the duration of the disorder, and of course the individual sufferer’s predisposing neural, genetic, and psychological...

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PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

PTSD AND TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY (TBI) As a neuropsychologist, I’ve had humbling interactions with those who have suffered trauma, in both mind AND brain.  That’s why I feel it is incumbent to create awareness regarding co-occurring PTSD and TBI. TBI is a traumatic...

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PTSD and Heart Health

PTSD AND HEART HEALTH As aforementioned trauma can literally render sufferers unable to connect with/to love either their SELVES or OTHERS. Therefore, in the philosophical sense, it is no shock that PTSD can lead to the proverbial ‘broken’ heart, which is not a...

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