From the Desk of Jennifer Wolkin, PhD:

Welcome to BrainCurves™, my blog and online mind-body-brain wellness community.

Since as far back as I can remember writing has been a tool I’ve used in order to connect both more deeply with my innermost self, and to others. Today I enjoy writing for the greater purpose of sharing my love of teaching the science of whole-body wellness.
Through my writing, I seek to connect with you so that we may support one another and learn together how to embrace all aspects of who we are. From the unique neural tracts curving through our brains, to the unique curves of our bodies – no matter what our background, shape, or size.
I’ve found, both personally and professionally, that a key element in living our best lives is finding a like-minded community in which we can support one another through healing thoughts, words, and ideas.
Please join me by commenting, sharing, and adding your voice. I welcome your questions, feedback, and invite you to truly make BrainCurves your own.
I hope you enjoy my musings about the mind-body-brain approach to living your best life. Together, let’s embrace all of our curves, be brainspired, and go from surviving to thriving!

PTSD and Chronic Pain

PTSD and CHRONIC PAIN PTSD is mostly known for its impact on overall mental health. There is research, however, to support the fact that PTSD is increasingly being recognized for its effect on physical wellness as well. Many who suffer with PTSD (veterans in...

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PTSD and Relationships

PTSD AND INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS Trauma calls into question the basic foundation of trust in human relationships. Traumatic events not only have effects on the psychological structures of the self, but also on the attachments that link an individual to a greater...

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PTSD and Gender

PTSD AND GENDER Both women and men are at risk of enduring unfathomable trauma, but it’s important to emphasize gender differences here, with the hopes that they can ultimately be a much-needed catalyst for improved preventative measures, diagnosis, and treatment. In...

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Trauma and PTSD

June: PTSD Awareness Month This is the first of a series of posts that I've written on the topic of trauma and PTSD, especially for the month of June! I officially started this series last year, but I’m committed to revising it, adding to it, and updating it annually....

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Women and Mind-Body-Brain Wellness!

This coming week (May 10-16) is National Women’s Health Week! It feels extraordinarily important for me to write this relevant post. My BrainCurves wellness community was founded on the hope of creating awareness around the fact that men and women have different...

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Your Brain is Hungry, Treat it!

This post is in honor of Brain Awareness Week  Celebrated March 16-22. Why is the Brain important? The Brain is the grand conductor of the Symphony of Our Selves! That’s right. The Brain leads mind and body, and the Brain heeds mind and body. The Brain plays a role in...

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I Am Every Woman

  I am every woman who serves our country on the front lines of trauma who goes through puberty awkward ashamed and framed by mother nature who feels stigmatized or satirized as latter-day hysterics made to think it is all in our heads and you are every woman who...

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Let NO Let You KNOW

   Wellness Lovers, Most of us have been trained to think that yes and no are completely opposite constructs. The former usually has positive connotation, and the latter, negative.   When we are told NO, by a partner, family member, boss, or even our higher power,...

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Tell your Story

Once upon a time, during my postdoc, I became intrigued by the notion of personal narratives. As a psychologist, I always knew that obtaining at least some sense of one’s history is important to contextualize current difficulty. But this understanding felt different....

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