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From the Desk of Jennifer Wolkin, PhD:

Welcome to BrainCurves™, my blog and online mind-body-brain wellness community.

Since as far back as I can remember writing has been a tool I’ve used in order to connect both more deeply with my innermost self, and to others. Today I enjoy writing for the greater purpose of sharing my love of teaching the science of whole-body wellness.
Through my writing, I seek to connect with you so that we may support one another and learn together how to embrace all aspects of who we are. From the unique neural tracts curving through our brains, to the unique curves of our bodies – no matter what our background, shape, or size.
I’ve found, both personally and professionally, that a key element in living our best lives is finding a like-minded community in which we can support one another through healing thoughts, words, and ideas.
Please join me by commenting, sharing, and adding your voice. I welcome your questions, feedback, and invite you to truly make BrainCurves your own.
I hope you enjoy my musings about the mind-body-brain approach to living your best life. Together, let’s embrace all of our curves, be brainspired, and go from surviving to thriving!

Balance is Inevitable When you Engage in Self Care

  Hillel says, "If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I?" Pirkei Avot 1:14 This adage has always resonated with me. What I appreciate most about it is the suggestion that our healthy existence on this earth is about...

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Beginnings Can Happen Anytime and Anywhere!

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”-Semisonic I went to the park today, the same park where I do my best writing, which means I try to traverse it often! Today, however, it felt different. I noticed that throughout the entire summer I had never...

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You said what? How to Sharpen your Memory as You Age

Everyone’s concerned about our memories as we age. Whether you’re working or retired from your profession, you never retire from your mind. This course will give you cutting edge research updates and practical tips to sharpen your memory as your enter your golden...

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Beyond Descartes: Blurring the Line Between Mind and Body

The term “mind-body connection” is now en vogue, but what is the connection and how can we nurture this partnership? This course will explore the science of the “stress response” and the “relaxation response,” and how we can learn to listen to our bodies and utilize...

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